Enhanced training opportunities through distributed simulation systems


Fleet Sim Training Solutions Inc. is a Canadian, Halifax-based company that specializes in the development and delivery of Maritime and Joint Warfare Collective Training/mission rehearsal, through the use of synthetic environments and distributed simulation training systems.


Fleet Sim Training Solutions is experienced in using COTS and MOTS CGF systems and operational mission simulators integrated as a system of systems to deliver effective war-fighting experiences in a synthetic environment.


Fleet Sim Training Solutions is knowledgeable in the realms of defense industry CGF systems, military operational simulation systems and distributed exercise networks, security requirements and cross-domain solutions, database compatibility requirements and international technical standards of interoperability.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions staff have extensive military experience, with backgrounds in Naval Warfare instruction, Naval Operational Team Training and in the planning and delivery of Maritime and Joint Warfare training exercises. The staff also have proven experience in the operation of simulation systems used in support of Distributed Fleet Synthetic Training activities in Canada, as well as with many simulation systems used in the international defense community. We have experience with a wide range of C2 systems and simulation platforms, including: JSAF, ONESAF, GCCS-M/J, TACVIEW, SAFSIM, MILSIM, SIMDIS and C2PC. In addition, we are conversant and knowledgeable about Tactical DataLink operations, including both LINK 11 and LINK 16.





Fleet Sim Training Solutions staff provide consulting services regarding defense industry simulation technology, products and trends. The company is also capable of performing a Training Needs Analysis of Naval Warfare Collective Training requirements, that may be achieved via distributed simulation. Further, it can conduct operational evaluations of new systems and technologies.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions provides services in the management, accreditation, operation and maintenance of client-owned distributed military simulation systems involved in the delivery of Maritime and Joint Warfare training.

Fleet Sim Training Solutions delivers training in the operation of simulation systems for exercise support staff and instruction in general distributed simulation theory and requirements for clients.